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Full Version: track1 (moded) multiplayer
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sup guys
i discovered a moded map that has the same name with track 1 and when u join a looby in multiplayer mode actually you spwan on the modded map in looby with others that are in the original track1 so they bassicaly don.t bother u because there are some different levels of ground betweet this 2 maps
only guys that have the same moded track1 will spawn near u and you can drift or race with them
i ll post here the link to the moded map and you have to follow some steps to get this thing work
if you want to drift with me on the modded map just send me a messaje to my steam account |BK:Raduk18 and get that thing work because we ll have fun
click on download buttonĀ 
extract the folder an thenput it into the modding folder of your installed dsj
then just create or join a track1 lobby
the map also work in lan mode