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Full Version: DSP Project - You think you're fast?
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Drift Streets Professionals Project

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This project's primary goal is to develop the skills in uphill and downhill races to a whole new extraordinary level, we aim to create legends and nothing less. And no matter the opponent, we will never back down. 

We will stage events for downhill an uphill races to determine the fastest of the month, with practice events, meetup's etc in between. All events will be announced on our steam group (link below). Feel free to post your lap times on the 'Touge 1' map. With these events we seek out too find the fastest racer. 

There is no requirements too join, just join the steam group and contend in the monthly races, no need to show up if you don't want too, having allot of pressure on you going into a race isn't the best thing. 

So do you reckon you're the fastest? Come and find out.

Steam group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dspproject

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