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Full Version: Z's Car builds, like ALL of them
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So here is basically where I'll build my archive of builds. Please don't post saying "Oh my cars betwua, POSTS, tarfda c its got mor hpp ;p". Dude, I don't care about your build Undecided . If you see my build, try it, then give advice/feedback on it, then feel free to post. Otherwise here's the meta builds I've kinda came to with myself. Oh, and you'll need regedit for a good chunk of the builds. Aaaand this post will be edited LIVE. Meaning that as I either come up with builds or find time to add my latest, I'll edit the post and add to it.

Also, my style is heavily based on something some called "boosting". Basically, if I'm getting a drift going around a corner, it's straitening out... into a wall, to get the wheels to spin I'll NOS and force the wheels +60hp or so to make them spin. If it sounds weird then I don't blame you, I might make a video for a car build or so then yall could see. These cars could still be done well without NOS if that's not your style.

HDP = High Drift Points (DP)
LDP = Low DP
VDP = Variuable DP

AE68 (AE86)
Style/DP Drifter
NA/2jz 388hp HDP 2.6.3
Notes: So this is my main baby drifting quine. The 86 is dear to my heart and so far, if I want to rack a high score, this is my 86 build to do so. I can't stand turbo due to the lag so I made this, I wanted to keep the 4G-AE but it seems to get weaker in higher HP/NA. Like it gives out on more 90* drifts. 2jz just has about the same amount of power in all rev zones. If you know another engine you're better with that has flat power at NA and boosted to 380-395hp then try that, tell me about it <3.

Also for the steering lock, Usually I use 60*, just full control please. But learning more 90* drifting, less steering lock allows the game to handle more of it and slide. I don't recommend below 54* for this build though.