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Simple Drift Team - Senor_Heuvo - 02-21-2018

Hello everyone, I am starting a drifting team 

I'm looking for anyone that likes to have fun, You don't have to be a formula drift pro to join this team

Steam Link//Discord Tag:

(I would like the drivers to have discord so it's easier to see when people will be on to drift) 


(This doesn't really matter but I would just like to know)

Most used car (s):

(If the car is a mod please leave the link aswell)

RE: Simple Drift Team - SlapGamesNLYT - 05-16-2018

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198357835730/
Discord: slapgames576#8853
Age: 13
Most Used Car: S14

RE: Simple Drift Team - jamessaleh190e - 06-10-2018

Name: James

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198210026583/
Discord: jamessaleh190e#5987



AE86 (250hp)
Modded RX-7 FC3S
Link to Mod: http://driftstreetsjapan.com/mydownloads.php?action=view_down&did=115
If you like, you can choose a car for me because I'm okay with any car

I have more than 100 hours in DSJ and practice nearly everyday. I also know Touge drift 1 nearly off by Heart.

Feel free to add me on Steam or Discord