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Cant get verified 7/11/18 - jdust - 07-11-2018

Hello, Im trying to verify my account so i can add mods to Drift streets japan. Any way you could help me? I have done both verifying methods, and the website still says i dont own the game when i link with steam. Also this warning pops up at the top of the screen "[2] file_get_contents(https://api.steampowered.com/IPlayerService/GetOwnedGames/v0001/?key=32B84F17F110C5B126484ED0B2BADFD5&steamid=&format=json): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error - Line: 88 - File: mysteam.php PHP 5.4.45 (Linux)" 

RE: Cant get verified 7/11/18 - Havora - 07-21-2018

Fix your steam profile link since I cant actually do anything with what you wrote.


RE: Cant get verified 7/11/18 - Melanie A. Reynolds - 10-13-2018

I guess you must contact to the administrator hopefully he can help you in this matter. Otherwise, I have no second advice to give you. May you will find the essayservice solution soon best of luck!

RE: Cant get verified 7/11/18 - Hectic - 11-01-2018

Your accounts have been fixed.