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HOW TO: for Car Mods!

Tutorial for car moding!

1. Supported only .obj + .mtl format! (Blender's .obj doesn't work.)

2. Materials:
Materials names - add "_diffuse" - to force the no reflections shader!
add "_alpha" - to force the transparent shader!
Other materials names will be forced with reflections!

3. Full path: .../mods/cars/CAR_NAME/CAR_NAME.obj  Folder name need to be only same name as the .obj file!

4. Textures only - .png & .jpg (In same directory)

5. Config File - (In same directory)


front_axis_offset:1.90;rear_axis_offset:-2.00 //wheels axes offset forward.
model_scale:0.0174 //model scale in local coordinates.
model_pos_y:0.15 //Model height. (0 min, 0.5 max)
stock_engine:RB26DE //stock engine. (Use only existing one)
weight:1050 //Weight in kg. (minimum 700 kg)
price:35000 //Price. (minimum 10000$)
year:2011 //Year.
steeringwheel_pos:0.55,1.18,0.35 //Local position of steering wheel (x,y,z).
cockpit_pos:0.77,0.854,-0.604 //Local position of cockpit camera (x,y,z).

6. Supported models with only 65000 max Vertices!

7. Run the game, and test.


Put the CAR_NAME folder in Archive!
What program do you use to export the .OBJ? i just got the trial of Maya just to try to import into game
how do you install mods? or does it explain it here and just dont get it?
(05-26-2016, 10:49 PM)ExledRoyalty Wrote: how do you install mods? or does it explain it here and just dont get it?

This is for making a car mod in the game
My guide to converting, on russian - but all buttons on english.

nothing new... i need info for paitable material, working lights , exhaust position and body parts , admin could share unity project as toturial file, and make load finished assets from mods folder .
hmm i tried , but the car its invisible i change the model_scalefor bigger and nothing , in zmodeler i scale for more bigger and nothing whats wrong ?
i found 2 other problems , the wheels dont fit in the body of car , and my car its reversed , front to back , and back to front ...
Also i cant get the very best scale for it , or too big or too small :c
(05-28-2016, 01:32 PM)Sowl92 Wrote: Is there anyway to vehicle disable reflections in the .MTL file entirely ? trying to make a matte texture.

...material name , example : blackmatte - rename to : blackmatte_diffuse

ps. if you whant to make carbody paitable, you need to use material : body_paint , alsou texture : body_paint.png
All invisibe please help...
i tried many models i think i already download more than 500mb in mods and all invisible

(05-27-2016, 06:22 PM)MrEverest Wrote: My guide to converting, on russian - but all buttons on english.

i used same car and invisible

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