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New Modders group.


Some of you may have noticed some members have a different style username, such as a back shadow behind their username. This is a new group that has been added called 'Modders' it allows members in that group to upload their submissions and are automatically approved and do not have to wait for an administrator to approve it.

This is to allow them to easily update their current modifications without hassle and also upload their new ones without having to wait. Members are given this as a thank you for their continuous modding support, as we know that without you there would be no custom content available.

Please note:

Staff choose the members who are able to join this group, do not ask to join it.

Abusing this group will result in a ban.
Great idea
Good stuff!
[Image: siggy.jpg]

Super ! i hope be part of this group ! Big Grin
When you will choose more new members in that group?
[Image: audi_signature.jpg]
Drift is love JDM is life

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(05-30-2016, 07:40 PM)NoXX Wrote: When you will choose more new members in that group?

There is no set times members are added to the group, it's whenever we notice someone and when we are able to.
awesome idea

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