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Poll: Teamspeak 3 server?
Yes please.
No thanks.
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Teamspeak 3 Server?


Just wondering if users would be interested in an Official Teamspeak 3 server which will allow you to chat with other drifters out their and communicate while ingame easily.
yeah that'd be pretty cool

[Image: 76561198034512932.png]
Foo reeall ! Smile
Yes, I would be on it everyday....
[Image: 76561198037800049.png]
Yeah, would be cool
[Image: 250052forum.png]
it is a pity that it is current for English speaking players

and forget about the rest? I saw the game with Poland big kolichestvo people from Russia, there are zahodyat the Germans, the Japanese, and despite the fact that three moderator it will be a little easier to go into raid call? and there already to call, and your Tim Spika will be sitting a small number of people when in raid call, will sit a huge number of people from Europe to Asia.
The teamspeak 3 server is not only for english speaking members but also other languages, we will be adding more moderators throughout different timezones to allow all members to be able to get their tags on the teamspeak 3 server as well as to have active moderators.
why not discord? it's free so there's no cost to run a large discord server and no paywall for features.

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