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How to use Regedit

Hey everyone!

Ive decided to make a thread to teach everyone how to use regedit and get cool colors and a boost in hp!
It's going to be long but don't worry i'll post pictures Smile
I hope i can help make DSJ more enjoyable for you all.

***It won't change if you are in game and you are changing the values of your selected vehicle***

What you want to do is to go to the start menu and type in regedit
[Image: MkoCag6.jpg]

Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER and you should get a drop down like this
[Image: asbuLYI.jpg]

Click on the Software folder
Then you want to find the JDM4iK folder
[Image: VBX1FDK.jpg]

This is what you will see when you open the Drift Streets Japan folder
[Image: 792qh1M.jpg]

I'm going to use the 350Z as an example but it is the same process for the other cars
Here's my tune list -
[Image: gnFELu8.jpg]

I want to change the block to 9 to increase power. Personally I don't go past 9 as it tends to get sticky throttle
[Image: zifj66R.jpg]

Now this is simply just finding the corresponding file and changing the value, and this is also how you change the color of your rims and body
[Image: c6FSpHv.jpg]

And here is where you enter the color codes
You can find them here -
[Image: PS6Xosh.jpg]

And yeah... That's pretty much the basics Smile

Have fun with this guys!

Please rate 5 stars if this helped you so others can find this too <3
[Image: ezgif_com_crop.gif]

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