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[KISS] Dori-Hachi Drift Team ~ Now acepting members!

Dori-Hachi Drift Team

Our drift team is for those who are looking to just have some fun, and make some friends while doing so. Our main
purpose is to help make connections from driver to driver.

We really don't take ourselves serous... We are honestly just here to have fun, and we don't care who's "The fastest" or who
Has the "best car". We just want to have a good time.

But if you are looking for a team who takes themselves serious or who has meetings almost every day,
then i can assure you, you are in the wrong place.

But, if you are looking to meet some new people and have a great tome on the way there,
then leave your steam username in a reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
(my username is [url=][/url]同性戀男子 [SLAP] )
Please read the requirements upon being invited to the group.

uh, coffee.

Kik me! @MIReincarnate

Join team Dori-Hachi, today!

i don't see any requirements to join
[Image: MRtnQD6.png]
(08-01-2016, 04:01 PM)luhx Wrote: i don't see any requirements to join

What is your steam name?
uh, coffee.

Kik me! @MIReincarnate

Join team Dori-Hachi, today!

Steam name: Lean사분
Steam name: dedniBButtons
and this sloppy drift run too:
Thumbs Up 
Steam: Iconic07 ~ HMU if your looking for a drift bud, i drift on the daily... Cool
Steam: Lyfe_Savor
Im far from the best but I have my moments.

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