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WildCat joins the drifting community :)

Hi everyone, my name is TheWildCat, online friends call me Wild, but in real life I'm known as Patrick. Smile 

I live and go to school in Latvia. I love cars, bikes, constructions and I also like computers.(I put my PC together by myself) My future plans is to be an engineer.
I started gaming when I got my gaming laptop in 2011. First game I really got into was GTA San Andreas, after that came Minecraft. Me and my friends played those games a lot, for almost three years these were only games that I didn't play for hour and delete (then I didn't buy games, I was a pirate). And I have to admit, Minecraft's a one hell of a game, cuz I play it more often than I should right now. 
So, first game that I bought was DiRT 3 Complete Edition, last year on Steam sale. And that game is awesome. Two of my friends also bought it, and we played it every evening.  If you have a chance to buy this game, you have to buy it. I've played it for 200hrs and still love it. 
Next comes the Euro Truck Simulator 2, also an awesome simulator game. I think I have about 110hrs on it,  it maybe isn't not as good as DiRT 3, but still, has a special place in my heart. Smile
Than the last game, yesterday I bought ''Drift Streets Japan'' and XBox 360 controller. Yeah, it doesn't work  on DSJ, and I had to use Registration Edit to reset the controls, but for this price, why the hell not? Great game, great mods. Let's slide it!

I hope that this will be nice experience with all of you in this forums.
Thank's for reading, have a nice day!

P.S. But damn, I really hope devs fix the controller support soon.
[Image: 0b69wlphaj2h2kx8hnny.jpg]

[Image: 76561198273925107.png]
Ye, I have been hoping for proper controller support the past 6-9 months.

Edit: Also, welcome Tongue

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