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rip dsj........

Can someone tell me how i can perform a 360 thanks in advance.....
(09-08-2016, 03:44 PM)DoorBanger Wrote: Gonna be honest , the game is pretty bad now, cant hold angle without spining and i dont speak about physics... BRING BACK 2.3.0 PHYSICS AND ADD MAP WE DONT NEED PHYSICS AGAIN THE COMUNITY ONLY WANT MAPPPPPPPPPPPPP WAITING SINCE 4MONTH CMON

The only issue currently with physics state is the tyres gripping up when they shouldn't, which honestly has nothing to do with physics anyway, it's just a handling bug.

The 2.3 physics style is far too tedious for new players, and in my personal opinion was overkill as it was difficult to learn and for someone like me that likes to slide every car there is, it's a bit of a pain trying to figure out the perfect build to slide with *every. single. car.*

Hectic and I have been discussing and he brought up a very good idea; Pro vs Classic/Arcade as a toggled option.

You could either keep the pre 2.2 physics on Classic/Arcade, or go into Pro mode and edit them like 2.3

This would please everyone in terms of physics, at least we can't see issues with it.
Hail to the King baby

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