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Honest review of new (old) physics and my 2 cents (Old physics vid comparison)

I definitely have to say I like the change, I respect the fact you're still changing things.
I'll list off a few pros and cons after playing around with a few different cars and builds.


>Changing the steering lock actually affects controls the way it should. It's intuitive and fun to toy with.

>Sliding actually feels responsive and you can actually counter oversteer properly now and the random 180's mid-drift don't occur nearly as often and only come from a mistake on the part of the player.

>Reverse entries


>Car builds matter again

>Wheel support feels great, I have no complaints in regards to controls whatsoever.


>Tires grip up immediately after letting off the throttle. You can have 1-2% throttle and still slide but the instant you completely fall of the throttle your tires just instantly grip and it's really awkward with the wheel having to throw it around to counter it to hold the slide angle. 

>Throwing reverse entries tends to make you slide in a perfectly straight line and no matter how hard you lay on the throttle it doesn't give you any change in angle at times, I'll admit part of it is at the fault of how I throw it in, but rev banging 2nd gear you should catch back onto the rotation, if I'm perfectly sideways counter-steering I shouldn't slide at a perfect 90 degree angle in a straight line.

>Back tires don't know if they wanna grip or slide at times, it's kinda weird


There's not much to ♥♥♥♥♥ about, I feel like there are just a few things missing from the old physics style, I might try to make a little compilation of slides on the new (old) physics to compare to the old; In the meantime, have some blasts from the past courtesy of my youtube. Shoutouts to Spaghetto, the Just Drift, and STM crew!

G25 Gameplay

Keyboard Gameplay

Hail to the King baby

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