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Poll: What style of physics would you prefer?
Option to choose Pro (2.3 physics) or Classic/Arcade (2.1 physics)
Keep the 2.3 only!
Keep the 2.1 only!
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[Poll] Idea to fix physics for everyone!

Hectic and I have been discussing how to properly please everyone in terms of the physics engine itself, and we've come to the conclusion that allowing players to decide between customizable physics/handling (2.3 Style) AKA Pro mode, and the old January/February version of the game (2.1/Pre-2.2) AKA Classic/Arcade mode, would be the best plan of action.

We want your opinion on it, so please vote on the poll and let us know what you think.

Disclaimer: When I say 2.1/Pre-2.2 I mean the version of the game we played in January and February before the ebrake and handling changes.
Hail to the King baby

[Image: m0dnaros.png]
Agreed, This would satisfy post players and there play styles.
Bump - If you view the topic; Please vote!
Hail to the King baby

[Image: m0dnaros.png]
Nice idea, personally prefer to have something to choose for physics, or 2.3 physics!
[Image: 250052forum.png]
2.3 physics for me...
[Image: 76561198062371362.png]
!vote personally it would be nice to have variety of physics and the grip settings bring back and more variety of rims? please ;D
bring back 2.2.8! they was the best :p
[Image: 250052forum.png]
Either way we need the side and front grip slider back. and i do agree a select option to switch would be great.
We need to be able to choose for both, This game is Unplayable for me now because of the latest physics update.

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