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"Car ejecto" brake

So a few months ago I started having a problem with the brake when using my xbox 360 controller. The bindings are all fine and was all working perfectly but after the update the car would just go flying when braking. This does not affect the keyboard.
I waited more than 6 MONTHS and the problem is still there! And no, its not my PC. I have 2 OS on one computer and a second computer, and in all the 3 OS the same thing happens.
Just going back to the first version of the game, would fix it, which means the the solution is already in your hands. I just wanna play this. I hate when updates are forced and if you get a bug you can't go back.

It's sad because I really had fun with this before all the poorly made updates, but is this does't get fixed I can't play so I would be uninstalling it.
I cant play with my xbox controller and wheel too Sad :{ :[
They seemed to somewhat patch it but its still in the game as of June 2017
That being said there are still controller (specifically xbox one controller) problems with analog input with the steering, gas, and breaks.


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