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Tandem League! Come join us now!

[Image: 970354tandemleague.png]
Hi all!

This league is gonna be a Formula Drift style!
There is gonna be a ranking that start at the begining of the month and end at the end of the month.
Battle are gonna be record and post on youtube, and maybe commented if i see people like to watch that!

How we are gonna judges runs?
Me and Sowl ( are gonna judges your battle 
with points
Each judges got 100 Points to give to a drive
40 For style ( 30 Style , 5 Angles , 5 Lines ) 25 for lines + 25 for angles + 10 for speed.

Qualifying runs : 
What i mean by qualifying runs is the league you will be in!
Semi Pro League
Pro League 
For first month of this ''event'' 
Pro league gonna be with 10 Places
Semi Pro League gonna be with 5 Places

How qualifying runs are gonna be made?
You will battle against all players who want to be a part of this league
The 10 Players who got the most point are going in pro league other if they are more than 5 are going in Semi Pro.

If im in Semi Pro League how can i go in the Pro League?
The numbers 1,2 and 3 on the ranking of Semi Pro League will be placed to Pro League
And the 3 last players of Pro League will be downranked to Semi Pro League.

How ranking system is gonna work?
Victory = 5 Points
Loose = 0 Points 

Rules : 
You can be disqualified for :
2 Tires of track
Abrupt Stop
Hitting cone or course maker
In these 3 case you loose the run and you got 0 point.
Respect others players no insult or rage. In this case 0 point or you got expulsed from the league!

Car Rules : 
700 Hp max.
Swap are allowed.
For players in 2.3.0 Version setup should be like that to match 2.6.0 slide grip.
Forward Grip : -0.50
Sideways Grip : -0.50
60% Steerlock.
Ride height : No limits.
Wheel Size : 18 Max 16 Minimum
Camber : -5 Max
Full rwd

If you have mods you will need to link the mods in the comment section
Then i will do a pack with maps and cars.

If there is 4 Different team or more that plays in the League with at least 2 players in we will make a ''Showmatch''
Where its gonna be team vs team 

When the Tandem League start?
When i will have required amount of people for that.

Whats the track where we are gonna do the battle ?
(Section Photo are gonna be upload soon)
Round 1 : Nikko 
Round 2 : Majikku Grove
Round 3 : Meihan
Round 4 : Bihoku

How to join us?
Comment car mods link if you have one and your name

Hope you will join us !

If you got a problem my steam :
[Image: 250052forum.png]
Im in.

S9 | Arcad

Car: TBD
Im in

S9 | Illy

Car: Illvia (will be uploaded shortly)
Im back! lets see if i can get this rust off!
Im in

S9 Spitfire

Car: TBD
S9| Slash_Nasty


Nissan 350z (game car)
S9 | James
Scion Tc
S9 | ReKT (HyperD)
evo 6, non mod
TM Sowl - car to be decided!

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