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Horns, City Map, Drag race map and more!

Hello guys! Today i want to ask developers to add these MUST HAVE features to game.

First one is Horns - First use would be for drag races ( 3 beeps and off we go) also calling your mate or just beeping to warn someone.

Second thing is Lights - I mean headlights, this would go good with day/night cycle in maps, imagine how cool would be to drift around with your buddies in night time. You can switch to low or high beams or fog ligts.  Even some neons added to car would make you feel like in fast & furious.

Third  City map - This would bring some realism in too, because who doesnt want to drift around in city. Along with this developers could add snow in maps in winter time ( if thats possible)

Fourth Drag race map! Why this isnt in game? I bet this would be super awesome to race with other people in half mile races or any distance. You would need to tune your car so its stable in straight line etc. You can do bets on who will win, earn money and have fun!

Fifth Interiours and body modifications - i was kinda disappointed that i cant put epic wing on my supra... please developers, add body mods and interiour textures. I mostly drift in first person mode, because its more easyer, but watching on those poorly made interiours doesnt make me happy.

These are only a few things I want to be added in game, and i bet alot more Drift Streets Japan fans would like too. 

Best regards,

I think this should be in the suggestions instead of modding requests. I agree with most of your suggestions though except for the horns, I feel like some people will get annoying with it so if there was a way to mute peoples horns then I wouldn't mind.

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