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If you are installing maps off the fourums

so what do you need help with if it is putting it into your computer do this:
1:go to file explorer then go to this pc 
2: once you are there go into your main hardrive or where you saved the game and got to program files (86) if thats not there go to program files then scroll down until you see steam
3: when you find steam go into it go to steamapps then common then to drift streets japan you will find Drift Streets Japan_Data go into that then go to saved_tracks and paste the file there 
4: if there is no saved_tracks just make one.

If you dont know how to launch it in game :
go into track editor in drift streets japan then press escape when your are in the editor type in maple valley (short) exactly like that if it is a different track type whatever the file name in the zip is

if it is a modded map:
you open it in lan mode
I probably can drift... I think.

[Image: kSJS0l.gif]

Just to add to this, if it's a map like mine, you must add the map folder into your mods/maps folder in data.

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