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Building a wheelie charger.... But i need some help!

I know it sounds crazy in a drift game but why not right, ive got most of the stuff i need like the 69 charger mod and the right car tune, but i only need more hp now  to actually pull off a wheelie, it already has 800hp but that just isnt enough... ive heard about people modding the dll file to get more hp and im onto that bit now but idk what to do next! Ive got a dll editor and i have the right file up in it ready to be edited and people have been saying to look for ()Setpower but i have no idea where this is! Im not a coder, just a guy that wants an insane hp charger to wheelie in (both in irl and game  Wink ) Im not sure if i have to find this file in reg edit or the dll, if somebody could help me i would be ecstatic

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