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Attention Everyone! Major discovery! - LEGACY DSJ CLIENT - January 27th 2016 Edition!


My name's modnaR, for any of those who weren't around for my presence here I was once a member of the clan "Just Drift". I hold the record for the largest multiplayer drift score (1 billion points) when collision was enabled, and when colliding with other cars dropped your score, I have multiple videos relating to the game (That never got finished, RIP) and before my account was purged (details below) I had over 4% of the total forums post count (I was very involved, axarator had me beat though <3)

I've been involved with DSJ fully until I had a falling out with the Hectic due to miscommunications and my own stubborn ignorance resulting in my removal from the forums. However, has long since been resolved, my love for the game however was lost with the "physics changes" that were applied, and while JDM did attempt to restore the old physics, he didn't restore the game to what I knew it to be, and what everyone, including myself, initially fell in love with.

That's why today, It's my pleasure to announce I have managed to come into the possession of the January 27th 2016 build of DSJ; Tried and tested. 


[Image: vAISp.jpg]

If I get the approval of Hectic, I will be uploading the game to my google drive, and I will be linking it here for all to download, free. 

Note: Because this is a "Legacy" edition of the game, and it does not require steam to play, it will be breaking the rules of the forums by JDM's standards. 

HOWEVER; Due to the link being up to Hectics discretion, odds are it will simply be limited to Verified forum members only (Individuals who own the game) Thus, no harm no foul.

The only question is, should I attempt to get a build that is further back so we have night skies, or would you prefer daylight? Decide below Wink
Hail to the King baby

[Image: m0dnaros.png]

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