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Hello! New To DSJ but not to drift sims

Hi, I'm 'cob', and I'm a mashup-midiswap-artist. If you're familiar with the works of SiIvaGunner, that's what I'm up to. 
I was a very small, very long contributation to the group [] , along with a collaboration of sorts. (Long because of the joke, haha) but I focus much more on SoundCloud and mashups. 
I'm also a National and State-wide Forensics competitor, the Speech & Debate kind.
Hope this counted enough as an 'introduction'. []

Some of my better works you might recognize if you're into the Soundclown scene, such as [] Grand Frog -7 Axel F (OLD JOKE BAD JOKE), or 'Going Low On Corneria'

And my siller jokes, but still very popular include 'everytime kanye breathes in i love kanye'

and 'parked car'

All in all, I hope to have a good experience with you all.

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