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Tutorial on how to make a vehicle for DSJ

The only video I saw on this was in russian, and all the other content/posts that I saw didn't really explain everything, so I went ahead and recorded me building a vehicle. 

The link to the files, including the .blender file (if needed) is in the description of the video.

Programs I used:
  • Forza Studio 4.1 (For exporting the model from .carbin to .obj)
  • Blender
  • Zmodeler2
  • Photoshop (you can use paint to make simple textures, or get Gimp)
  • Sublime (I use this for coding, but you can just use Notepad)

Let me know if you guys have any questions/need help/whatever, i'd be glad to help.

My background: Been 3D Modeling on and off since 2011, starting with creating maps/assets for Halo: Custom Edition. Lately, I was the Lead Developer/3D Artist for an ArmA 3 Community, ArmA 3 Life, creating vehicles and coding for their custom server. I just got into creating vehicles for DSJ about 2 days ago, so if you have any suggestions let me know.
Really interesting video update here for the developers and the other people as well. I have watched that manufacturing video and that is quite enjoyable as well. Thumb up with your excellent edubirdie sharing in future please do share such video here.

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