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LAN Servers.

After various failed attempts of me trying to put up a LAN server, I'm finally turning to the forums for help.
Does anyone actually get this? If so, help would be greatly appreciated.  Big Grin

[Image: 5c21c01c5b1292b9b18f3b3a172887d5.png]

My port forwarding layout for reference ?
I set up a random name, put the port range to 25400 and local port to 25400, I leave the protocol at TCP, and choose Local IP as my computer. I then click add, but this doesn't seem to work.
I've had people try connecting to both my IPv4 and my actual IP but neither work?

Pls help. If someone uploaded a proficient youtube tutorial and it actually worked I'm sure it'd be a hit.
[Image: 9VYflsg.png]
[i]                   'I'm WeirdBoi!... Or.. Slay?.. Yeah, call me Slay.'[/i]
Try to use UDP instead of TCP. And let your friends try to connect to yourip:25400

[Image: d5xzsy2h0emzyja3w.jpg]
its so boring to play the game alone...

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