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full lace wigs from alopecia

Simpson celebrated her 38th birthday this week (yes, you officially feel old now) and rang her the new year with a low-key birthday party she documented on her Instagram. But if you scrolled too quickly through your feed, you might have missed it, because absent from the photos of the night was Simpson’s signature blonde hair. To chuck out a hair clipping from a mother, grandchild or baby feels like an act of violation. Personal identity seems to linger on in hair even after it has been removed from the head.
It is no surprise then that in many cultures hair has been used in magic, the idea being that a person can be harmed through manipulating something that was once a part of them.
And yet every day our hair leaves us. On average we shed between 50 to 100 hairs a day. This means that the more hairy among us shed over 30,000 hairs a year.In most of Europe fallen hairs are ignored unless a person is suffering from alopecia or some other form of hair loss and, even then, we are more likely to pay attention to its absence from the head than to where the hair once detached ends up.But this is not the case in many parts of Asia, where long-haired women carefully collect up hairs that fall out during brushing or washing because such “combings” have a market value.
Which, to my inner 10-year-old, means Jessica Simpson was also absent from the photos.Instead, she opted for Ariel-meets-Vitamin C waves that reached down to her butt, and a textured crop of micro-bangs. She paired the whole look with thickly lined eyes, peach eyeshadow, fake lashes, and plumped-up lips. Comments of “Pretty girl,” “Soooo gorgeous,” and “beautiful hair,” litter the photo she posted to Instagram (which she captioned “Sultry 38”), but other fans weren’t as into it.
Collaborating with my local hairdresser, Hacketts, I’ve collected hair from over 30 people along with comments about their feelings towards their hair.The exhibition also contains the long auburn hair of a mother and daughter, one in the form of a bunch cut in the 1940s against her father’s will, the other in the form of a plait cut off in the 1970s – both lovingly kept wrapped up in scarves.For some people the act of offering hair clippings triggered memories of their love-hate relationship with their hair, such as the journalist Isabel Berwick’s struggles with her curly hair.Hair is not something people like to throw away.
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