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China high speed worm driven manufacturer

Spur gear and pinion driven slewing drive
SBI gear type slewing drive has one or more pinions driving a slewing bearing, thus reduces the speed as well as increases the output torque. It is usually applied in occassions of output speed higher than 5 RPM.The pinions are driven from source power and then drive the slewing bearing to rotate anti-clockwise orlockwise. This kind of structure has features of high revolving speed, larger output torque and large open type inner diameter, etc. But it doesn’t have self-lock function, so additional brake self-locking mechanism is used to achieve self-lock protection. This slewing drive is usually used in machine tool equipment with vibration and impact load, such as packing machine, contruction machine, cement vibration machine and so on.
1.Enables higher output rotary speeds
2.Very narrow in size around the slewing ring, but the drive is broad in axial direction
3.Often a large and open internal diameter
4.Very suitable for upper structure with larger radial diameters
5.Can be equipped with locking brakes
a.Packing machines
b.Handling and automation equipments
c.Machine tool with vibration and impact load
d.Construction machine, medical equipment, marine crane, satellite tracker, radar tracker and truck crane, etc.
e.Land and forestry machines
Supply capability
We can manufacture slewing drive according to the customer’s specific application requirements and actual operation conditions.
SBI Bearing now brings you spur gear and pinion driven slewing drive made-in-China with low price. As a professional bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we are also known as a famous brand in the world. With many products in stock, welcome to wholesale the customized bulk bearing from us.China high speed worm driven manufacturer

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