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My drifting practice map (In progress)


I decided to make a drifting course for you to practice on. I thought that it would be a good thing if someone wants it.

The track has two parts, one that has seperate practice areas, and another one that is a track, putting what you've learned into a practical map.

Different courses:
-Hold a turn and stop at a certain point with a 90 degree angle. (When the corner ends)
-Rear end whipping (Thats what i call it), in other words, change direction of your drift.
-Continuous drifting around a triangular shaped course, sort of free roam.
-Holding a wide angled drift in shape of a circle to get a hang of controlling angle.

The thing is, i dont want to publish it yet since there might be things missing, and i might need to do something different. I recorded a video of all the different practice areas and the actual track. I am considering to submit the map in order for people to edit and practice with.

I made this to recieve feedback from you guys so i know what to change. I did not explain HOW to drift, just a few things that you can practice on your own and figure it out.

(The videos purpose is not to show off what I am capable off, as you can see in the video of clunky drifting etc, its for the purpose of showcasing my work).

Nice work man! This could be some good practice for a lot of people Big Grin
[Image: NEN3iqG.png]

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