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Attack On Tires (AOT) Application Thread!

steam name: SIDEWAYS HAPPY
age: 17
ingame hours: 119
reasons: Beause i would like to team up with some hella good drifters and have fun!!!
Steam Name: Deerbra
I have 9 hours
I'm interested in joining AOT because i'd like to represent someone while i drift and have fun on Drift Streets Japan i play on AUS servers so i would be able to play and get you known on here also hope i get accepted thanks for taking your time to read this Big Grin
2. 16
3. 8.9h
4. I want to improve my drifting and since i always was drifting alone i thought i would join a team so i could get tips on tuning and technique to get faster and better

(i also want to add that i have very strict internet regulations because of my dad. Wednesday - thursday from 7pm to 8:30pm | friday - satursday 7pm to 11pm | Sunday 7pm to 8:30pm Central Europe Time)

Clip of me Drifting down touge:
(02-09-2016, 09:14 PM)BlackStar Wrote:
Who Are We?.
                                        [Image: p9apt.jpg]

                                   This is team Attack On Tires! And when the smoke clears, We will be the last ones standing.
                            So far, We are a small group of friends, Consisting of some of the best drifters in Drift Streets Japan.

                            We love cars in real life just as much as we love drifting and having fun here on DSJ. So Car Lovers Welcome!

 Daily events and updates, such as Car Meet's,Team Battles and Practice days for the team will be posted VIA our team group page!

                           Future plans have been made for our own private website! (Depending on Team Progression.)

                                                                         RULES OF THE CLUB!

                                                   #1.You must always represent this club in a good way.

                                                   #2. English is the main language of this club. So please speak it
                                               #3. Don't be a troll or a bully to players who might not be as good as you.

                                                   #4. Drama is not tolerated... So save the drama for your mama's.

                                            #5. Always have fun! Also try to be active with other members of the team!
                                                                    APPLICATION FOR JOINING!

                                                                        1. Steam User Name Required.

                                                                                     2. Your Age.

                                                                       3. How many in game hour's you've played.
                                                                      4. Reason's your interested in joining our club.

                                                            5. Short interviews will be held in game on any track. (So Come Prepared)

                                                                           ACTIVE MEMBERS LIST.
                                                                       Leader:    AOT | BLACK★STAR
                                                                        Officer:    AOT | JayTea
                                                                        Officer:    AOT | ✿Kelly✿
                                                                         Mod:      AOT | lllSlim
                                                                      Member:   AOT | Banshee
                                                                      Member:   AOT | GwaiLo
                                                                      Member:   AOT | NoTurbo
                                                                      Member:   AOT | Dupe
                                                                      Member:   AOT | DoubleCxp
                                                                      Member:   AOT | Wolf
                                                                      Member:   AOT | Emily
                                                                      Member:   AOT | Matt
                                                                      Member:   AOT | Zildjian
                                                                      Member:   AOT | Beagle
                                                                      Member:   AOT | Trinity
                                                                      Member:   AOT | R0B
                                                                      Member:  AOT | SirChippy
                                                        ((OUR TEAM COLORS ARE RED AND BLACK))
[Image: a4xtlt.jpg]
Steam user name: [TNR_ELT}AwesomemanEmmett


In game hours: 26

reason: Because i would like to have a group to drift with because none of my friends that play DSJ are online.

(also i do need help with drifting skills and tunes and all sorts of stuff well not everything but yea i do need help)
1. Steam User Name Required. Viana

2. Your Age. 14

3. How many in game hour's you've played. 14h

4. Reason's your interested in joining our club. i love drift and i realy want to be on a drift team

5. Short interviews will be held in game on any track. (So Come Prepared
1- PocketJust
2- 12
3- 11
4- been looking for a club to have fun and make friends.
My nickname 55kiddo (steamid) KiDDo (real nickname)
My age is 16
I have 23 hours in game
I'm looking to join because i want someone to play with and have fun

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