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Impersonating a Mod

apparently there is a code string that makes the game think you have a developer copy making your name yellow, and now there are people in game impersonating moderators threatening new people with bans for not knowing what to do, just thought you should know that if you encounter one of these scum that its not always the case that they're actually someone with some power.

Car Modder / Part Time Drifter
I remember seeing someone do this. I'm not naming names.

It's surprisingly easy to do though, all you need to do is just know what file to edit and where to edit it.
i know someone who has a yellow text but i dont know if they are impersornating
Drift is love JDM is life

Locked Diff Drifting Owner
Hahahaha you would be the one to report it. Major loss of respect for you.

I wasn't impersonating anyone. I just made my name yellow. What's the big deal?
Everyone knows I'm not a mod and I always explain that I just messed around with some files to do it.

Way to ruin my fun.
I'm realistic about things. You're not gonna hear what you like.
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