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changing horsepower

i see people with over 1k horsepower and also people with 40k horsepower how do i do the same is it through regedit? what values do i change to what?
after one of the updates, you can no longer use regedit to make your horse power over if i remember right 800. to do so would require the core files to be changed. I dont recomend changing it to go over the set limit has i remeber seeing a update post on steam about the 800 limit being put in and also possible a ban system if it kept getting abused so yeah.....
I don't think a ban system exists, but the 800hp cap sets your hp to 1 if your hp is 801 or over
that still doesnt answer what file you need to edit
I'm not telling you the file, because then people would abuse it. You don't want that, do you?
Assembly-Csharp.dll, then look in car and then SetPower().
thank you
Can you get banned for editing dll files? it is all just for fun anyways right?
There have been no repercussions yet, but I'm sure a lot of us will be banned for it or punished somehow later on.
It is just for fun anyways, so there's no harm really being done.
I'm realistic about things. You're not gonna hear what you like.
What .dll editor do you guys use?

I'm using a copy of .NET Reflector, and I can find files, but not save them and recompile. Either that or I am doing it wrong.
Guidance would be much appreciated.

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