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Any one up for a friendly Drift off at all

I will be setting up Drift off games / games of D-R-I-F-T (well anything really)
But if you guys are interested in this at all please message me or comment.

Be respectful towards all players
Be fair in the games
Be good at drifting (optional)
Don't Cheat

Anyone can join
Team Colours(optional)
Team tag(optional)
Limit of HP is under 650

OTHER THAN THAT JUST HAVE FUN----Will update every day/week
Drift is love JDM is life

Locked Diff Drifting Owner
Im down Big Grin
[Image: 09a592834088cec1cd135ef356ee747d.png]
                              [Image: 203944136ff0d13f422e0b2ba813bbeb.png]
I will be online over the weekend (australian time) (friday saturday-american time)
Please message me if you want to join
Have fun
Dont be stupid
Drift is love JDM is life

Locked Diff Drifting Owner
you and i hard to learn English conversation . decause i didn't learn english. If you're okay with that, can you join the team?

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