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New Update Sneak Preview!

Hope it does not turn out like any of these Tongue [Image: 22c58186a8610351fd1a81f816ac3f89.jpg]
(01-11-2016, 04:23 AM)Uki Wrote: Hope it does not turn out like any of these Tongue
Sure, they might not be fitting for the game, but I found that these were actually quite innovative, and actually should be praised.
[Image: JDXMdZG.png]
Very Nice Smile
[Image: tumblr_n0lojun4AU1swtjjuo1_400.gif][Image: tumblr_n54tvbIAeH1swtjjuo1_r2_500.gif]
Nice! Can't wait to get more customization ingame.
This game is coming along so very well, and I can see it being the best! Keep up the good update work Devs!
This update will be amazing. There is already tons of bodykit stuff if you have seen my pictures, and he is still adding a weeks more of more bodykits stuff Big Grin
He is more dedicated than AAA companies Smile
I heard a whisper that there might be an open source directory for modding soon..
To those funny pics above Big Grin if it works is not stupid Big Grin
[Image: VYOaTzT.jpg]
дайте оптимизацию для слабых пк в оконом режиме 800х600 всего 11 фпс
OMG! Japanese licence plates!!! :O

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