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New Update Sneak Preview!

BN Blister Kit for 180 plz Tongue and BCL
(01-10-2016, 06:46 PM)FluffyPsion Wrote: I really just want Xbox 360 controller support...I hope that's coming as well.

Just buy controller companion from steam!
Will we be able to raise/lower cars or change out suspensions?
That, and putting stickers on my cars is what I'm waiting for. If there was an ingame utility to let us make our own stickers that would be 10/10.
Amazing work so far man and even more is comming! Big Grin

Any known date when it'll be available?
re amemiya GT -AD 2 kit for FD3s PLEASE !!!@!!!!!@!!!
^ +1

saw controller axis support added, haven't tested my wheel and pedal yet. gotta go to work. but it almost worked last time i tried. throttle was just kinda stuck? a bit... like i had a high idle... lol but nice.
[Image: tripmysig.png]
still cant get my xeox gamepad to work.
(02-12-2016, 08:27 AM)Guthix99830 Wrote: MMAADD

well i did but its not the same yknow
Why do you still have a door?
[img][Image: uladpo744a1.png][/img]

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