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Hello DSJ! Nanaki is here

Hi everybody!

My name is Nanaki [Zworld™] ingame and some players know me for preparing event and training in game and for some funny moments, like the first drifting tournament in DSJ.
I'm ready to drift and do some tandem with everybody, for some door on door and kiss some wall or bumpers Wink.
I use 3 cars right now:

My burned 240 SX (2JZ-Ge / 761 HP / 913 nM)

[Image: 659878201603152339381.jpg]

My favorite car: "Lava s2k" (LS1 / 738HP / 886nM)

[Image: 975263201603152340071.jpg]

And my last baby: Metallic GT86 (RB26DE / 763HP / 916nM)

[Image: 726019201603152145221.jpg]

I just need to find the good color for this one, because it's perfect glow at night, but at day, it's too much glow...
If you need color code of my car, ask my in commentary.
So, Thanks for watching this post and leave a commentary!

See you ingame for event or just for a nice tandem!
always ready 4 drift with u :Big Griny MIDnightRTC
This post is something I have been reading a lot about on paper owl. People have written amazing things about this post on that site and I liked it. But to be honest the content here is not as great as I expected it to be.

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