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Whats your highscore?

In this thread you can post your highest score accomplished in the game! (You can include what map its on too Wink )

Mine is currently 81983477 on Track 1 without too much grass-driving

Whats yours?

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Really? Noo
I consider Highscores only on Akina as it is much harder to keep highscores. Look on my screenshot for highscore.

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[Image: VYOaTzT.jpg]
Mmm, I see that you could just do donuts in an open space to get the highest score on this thread. I've actually done that, so I am not going to ruin the thread by giving my highscore Tongue
Heres my high-score, it was on akina  Big Grin
[Image: BCFA5981C7E163C3BEC539CB52CCEEBD0A1C20CC]

[Image: tumblr_n2xvm2pZEn1sls6rho1_400.gif]
Nice one, Fallen.
Here is what i managed to get on Track 1, took me freaking ages tho. Had to stop because my hands got really cold and sweaty :|
Let's see any of you beat my akina highscore ! This was video recorded for my Car Buid of AE86:
[Image: vlc%202016-01-06%2017-34-43-50_zpsyysmhdp1.png]
[Image: VYOaTzT.jpg]
This is mine on Drift Track 1 Big Grin

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this is mine Smile

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[Image: fjI5EKW.png]
Why ya'll take pride on getting high drift scores on open tracks ... those are easy to drift and mentain the combo ...
[Image: VYOaTzT.jpg]

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