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How to control your drifts

How to Control your Drifts
This thread will give hints to new players or those who are continuing to struggle with the game, with the control of a drift.

Control Types
-Lengthening drifts
-Controlling angle of drifts

How to control the length of your drifts

To lengthen a drift, tap handbrake and let go of all other keys, once released continue to drift, and tap when you start to lose your drift.
Make sure you are only tapping the handbrake or you will stop.

To end/shorten a drift, attempt to make your angle smaller, and then let go of "W" and attempt to steer out of the drift. The more you release W the shorter your drift will become.

How to control the angle of your drift

To drift more inwards, tap "S" or your brake key whilst performing a drift. You don't need to worry about letting go of any other keys besides the handbrake.
Don't hold "S" and only tap it when you need to drift more inwards. If you need to continuously go more inwards, spam the "S" key.
Make sure you have enough speed, and to be able to maintain speed before performing this maneuver.

To remain a consistent angle in a drift, perform a Scandinavian Flick (also known as an inertia drift from Initial D) and as soon as you steer into your turn, hold handbrake, letting go off all other keys.
This is better done if your corner if only imaginary, and is done on straights. If you weren't already gaining points before initiating this maneuver, you won't gain any points. This is better when used to initiate completely 90 degree drifts. This will only work if you're inwards turn is ~90 degrees and you are counter steering.
There are other ways to initiate this, but this seems to be the easiest. It is actually possible to just counter steer at around 90 degrees and then hold handbrake.

This thread will be updated regularly and more techniques will be added. Hope you found this helpful, and feel free to add any techniques you have discovered or think should be in this down below.
Handy thread. Glad someone started a solid one. +1
Thanks. I might do a video once I've finished with my Just Drift promo video.
(01-11-2016, 06:32 AM)Bennybennyforeva Wrote: Handy thread. Glad someone started a solid one. +1
im using the handbrake to corect outwards if i go to much inside and u can make really long distance drifts on straights too
[Image: 0Bd6yG7.png]
--- Member of Brigade Drift Team ---
(01-18-2016, 07:31 PM)thomas1991 Wrote: im using the handbrake to corect outwards if i go to much inside and u can make really long distance drifts on straights too

Exactly. I've found the handbrake to be very useful as well. Feels kind of greasy, keeping my points in that manner, as it's not exactly the most stylish :L
[Image: bvZBoAV.png]
STM | Spaghetto : Drift Division Leader
what you two say rings true.

also, if your timing and speed is right, you can tap brake to initiate an over 90 slide for a reverse entry.
wait for it to start rotating back and then slam the throttle at the right time. don't brake too much or you will spin out.

feels so good when you nail it

(or use it to keep your points when you're so close to the inside wall handbrake doesn't help any more)

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