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1rst Tandem championship (Liber8z Server)

1rst Tandem Championship ( Liber8z Server )

Hello everybody and welcome in the 1rst tandem championship!

This post is only for who want to subscribe to this event and i will explain some rules here.

1) Rules of this event:
- This event will start this Sunday 8th  of May at 21H CET. To compare your time zone with CET, look on this website:
- You will be in team with 2 members, each team of 2 players need to do the nicest tandem on different curve
- Some Judge will be here to give you some note, 20 points for the gap under each players during a drift, 20 points for quality of drift (angle / speed / kissing wall / ect...) .
- This event will be in 2 round per team, we will have some judge, 3 minimum.
- Each time you hit a wall  or your teammate, or another things, your team will lose 5 points.
- This event will be on Touge drift 1
- If we are more than 15 players, i will do this event in 3 parts and split each players in 2 groups or more. With one final group.
- If you have some questions, write it here or you can add me on steam

2) How to subscribe to this event:

- The last moment to subscribe to this event is this Friday 6Th at 23h59 CET
- To subscribe, give a reply on this post with your Steam Name.
- You can be lonely to subscribe, i will give you a teammate this saturday.

3) Admins, stewards and member of this event:

To be a member of staff for this event, send me your steam name and what do you want to do. You can participate and be a member of the staff in same time.

* Admins /Judge (need 3 players minimum:
- Nanaki [Zworld™]

* Vidéo / Screenshot:
- Nanaki Zworld
- Doorbanger

4) Competitor group list:

* Group number 1:

* Players who search a group for duo:
- Mirai
- Kekez
- Uppity
- Extend
- Dope
- Doorbanger

Thanks everybody and good luck to every player for this event!
Ill give it a try - Mirai (was mmonkeytdonkey)
im in dude Smile кєкєz ✪
Big Grin
Im in
[Image: Dope-2015-Movie-Title-Logo.jpg]
Im in! i can record the run of other players too if needed Steamname: DoorBanger
[Image: 250052forum.png]
Ok we don't have enough judge for this event, so it will be a normal Drifting Championship (the 4th).

And i can't create a server, if someone can create it and give me his name here, that can be perfect Smile.

See you tomorrow for the event!
Thanks to Dope for open a server tonight at 21H CET

The name of the server will be "Liber8z".
I'd love to join, if it's not too late already (MrRonny6, Steam: copmuhaha)

EDIT: On the next one however, count me in!
im down
Drift is love JDM is life

Locked Diff Drifting Owner

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