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Show us your car mods!

Reskined Corvette z06 by [xBastien59

[Image: eq_fOKYisvI.jpg][Image: OV2_roe6s_o.jpg][Image: O7o_LxL7iZU.jpg]
[Image: Eu9IWZ0NaDs.jpg]
[Image: 76561198051216655.png]
Coming soon with all my car in a pack

[Image: mini_609078Capturedcran425.png]
[Image: mini_479564Capturedcran424.png][Image: mini_362394Capturedcran423.png]
[Image: 250052forum.png]
big country labs spoiler !!!!!Smile
[Image: siggy.jpg]

(08-19-2016, 06:32 AM)zentari Wrote: big country labs spoiler !!!!!Smile

Finally someone who know them  Tongue
[Image: 250052forum.png]
ive got a surprise Wink who know whats this?
[Image: mini_231411Capturedcran444.png]
[Image: mini_915069Capturedcran445.png]
[Image: 250052forum.png]
[Image: mini_207562201608220146451.jpg]
[Image: 9C13A4FB0C4D25ABE0C161DFE1D2F948AFCE434A] [Image: E8C1CE4EC6DBB6CD543456DDE1D10C7A79A46611][Image: 3C35C03414A683DD345B276AD803A2BD4F3C006A][Image: 069150D0F06F72E94F0A466AA500542C4C87D761]

All ported from Simpsons Hit'n'run, open to requests!

[Image: 76561198034512932.png]
[Image: 12362495m.png][Image: 12336895m.png][Image: 12326641m.png]
[Image: 12347120m.png][Image: 12323568m.png][Image: 12383987m.png]
This is my Toyota Chaser & R34 mods in itasha style. Car's models from Drift Spirits, vinyls from gta sa mod.
Hi guys!

 This is a preview of my new S15 "SowlS15D" @ Nakayubi "Reborn" both mods the car and the track will be uploaded very soon!
Let me know what you think! Also i have a little surprise for you all this Christmas!  Tongue

p.s please don't lick the paintwork it really doesn't taste of anything Big Grin 

[Image: a3qpdaan95fc49x6g.jpg]

Yeah you know that bonnet is looking good!  Heart

[Image: 2u9rbaf59ve18j26g.jpg]

It's got that onion booty guys! It brings a tear to your eye ... 

[Image: v7iwhn3cg057nzt6g.jpg]

Reppin' the crew to the fullest! (Tried to do a neon vice city type colour for the rear window sticker)

[Image: boa2i83ml4dz69a6g.jpg]

And this is a preview picture of Nakayubi "Reborn" only missing the starting / spawn area which I'm still working on a bit!

[Image: u3mt9915u98r33t6g.jpg]

Thanks for checking this out! hope you like what you see Big Grin
I hope this is ok asking this here. Im looking for a 1994 Nissan altima gle. I own the car and would love to drift it in game but cant find any 3d models.
if anyone's ever seen one drop me a pm. thanks.

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